I’m a Ramón & Cajal research fellow + professor at Universitat de Barcelona, Faculty of Information & Audiovisual Media (FIMA). Previously postdoctoral researcher at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), at U1284 INSERM Université Paris CitéPeer-Produced Research Lab & at Austrian Academy of Sciences. Co-founder of the open source Goteo.org platform for civic crowdfunding & the pliegOS.net open publishing initiative. 

I work in participatory research, co-creation methodologies & knowledge sharing from a (digital)humanities + (open)science & technology studies angle. I currently experiment with visual & quali & self-research generated data, (co/auto/poly)ethnography & art-based approaches in community settings. I’m especially interested in civic technologies, sustainable degrowth, social & solidarity economy, & intersectional perspectives. I can help with participatory design facilitation + networking & caring around the Commons + citizen science / research mentoring. 

⇓Curriculum vitae


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