New article – Dotmocracy and planning poker for uncertainty management in collaborative research

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This study is an exploratory approach to two co-creation methods derived from digital culture, applied to collaborative research ideation and management. Specifically, it describes and analyses the use of dotmocracy (from participatory design) and planning poker (from Agile frameworks) for decision-taking and uncertainty management in the early definition of collaborative research processes. The analysis, based on participant observation and facilitation in nine collaborative research settings, identifies commonalities on how some issues of uncertainty in collaborative knowledge generation contexts can be addressed by both techniques. Results point to the possibility of using dotmocracy and planning poker for articulating decision-making processes among different available options, in order to find consensus in a visual way, and at the same time to make more explicit the degree of agreement and risk perceptions in relation to scientific activities.

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Reference: Senabre Hidalgo, E. (2018, October). Dotmocracy and Planning Poker for Uncertainty Management in Collaborative Research: Two Examples of Co-creation Techniques Derived from Digital Culture. In Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality (pp. 833-839). ACM.

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