New article – Match-funding as a formula for crowdfunding

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Since crowdfunding first appeared, and with the proliferation of platforms in recent years, various systems and formulas of operation have appeared within the general crowdfunding model. One such system, still in its early days, is match-funding (co-funding between citizens and institutions), which permits public and private organizations to double financial contributions for projects from individual users. This paper focuses on the platform, a pioneer in the international development of this model. The advantages and impact of this method of crowdfunding compared to the traditional method is analyzed using data collected on the behavior in 14 match-funding calls for projects on in the last 5 years. The results show that match-funding campaigns are more likely to be successful, significantly increase average donations and generate new dynamics of institutional cooperation and proximity in the support for initiatives.

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Reference: Senabre Hidalgo, E., & Fuster Morell, M. (2018, August). Match-Funding as a Formula for Crowdfunding: A Case Study on the Platform. In Proceedings of the 14th International Symposium on Open Collaboration (p. 23). ACM.

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