Field notes from a co-design workshop around DigitalDIY case studies

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Last Friday I participated in a co-design workshop of the DigitalDIY European project, which was a one-day session organised and facilitated by IDEActivity Center from Politecnico de Milano. The workshop was part of a series of meetings to apply and test new materials and methods for co-reation around DigitalDIY case studies, in this occasion related to organisations and work issues. It represented not only an opportunity to know more about the topic of “do-it-yourself” around autonomous and civic technology-driven projects under the open source philosophy and peer production, but in my case also the chance to observe and take part […]

The user experience in platform cooperativism

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Text originally published with Ricard Espelt for CCBLab on 06/11/2016 [versió català / versión castellano] Some thoughts on the design of collaborative platforms and reputation systems that make it possible to build trust and solidarity networks “Platform Cooperativism” is a fairly recent concept coined by Trebor Scholz and Nathan Schneider to disrupt the collaborative economy scenario, which is currently dominated by a few “unicorn” corporations and by what many people consider a neo-capitalist perspective. The concept is particularly timely because it coincides with the emergence of new proposals linked to the Social and Solidarity Economy that review the links between […]

More Goteo workshops and community events, strengthening international collaboration

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Post originally published at European Cultural Foundation on 29/12/2015 As part of our work and involvement for the past two years in ECF’s Connected Action for the Commons programme, we recently had busy and intense meetings in France and in Barcelona with Les têtes de l’art and Subtopia to discuss common activities and strengthening alliances. Our participation to the 2nd Rencontres Internationales de l’Innovation Sociale in Montpellier, where we facilitated different activities under a shared interest in helping to generate more opportunities and resources for civic culture, gave us clear impressions of the social and solidarity economy which is taking concrete steps in France. […]

#CultJam15 pre-event at Maker Convent Barcelona

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Post originally published at Europeana Creative on 02/06/2015 Some days ago at the Maker Convent Barcelona we had the opportunity of gathering 25 creative minds from different backgrounds, interested in the co-creation of new applications and 3D printing related projects based on Europeana content. It was the first of four “pre-events” before the Europeana Creative Culture Jam that will take place the 9th and 10th of July in Vienna at the Austrian National Library, as the final showcase event of the Europeana Creative project. The day was very intense, as it had the goal to co-create and foster the development […]

Co-creation workshops with open DNA

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Post originally published at CCCB Lab 19/03/2014 The aim of co-creation workshops with open DNA is to collectively explore different possibilities for building projects and initiatives in connection to the Commons, in terms of open tools, data and contents. Where participants have the opportunity to generate in agile ways new scenarios, to learn and discuss about different open approaches and to prototype solutions based on their own goals, background and needs. Co-creation for what? Evolving from the field of corporate organizations that started to embrace design thinking of new products and services some years ago, co-creation and co-design processes involving […]

Methodologies for Co-Creation Workshops with Europeana Content

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Post originally published at Europeana Creative on 27/09/2013 From Platoniq and other partners we are developing a methodology and set of activities for co-creation workshops related to the Europeana Creative challenges. The themes of these challenges are natural history education, history education, tourism, social networks and design. The workshop activities promote the re-use of Europeana-related content in new digital applications. The activities take participants through a series of actions they can take when designing digital projects and software applications collaboratively. The workshops take them from idea generation to initial wire-framings and development planning following the Agile project management principles. The […]

Herramientas para aprender cómo se hace la Web abierta

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Adaptación de post publicado el 20/07/2011 en El lenguaje de marcado de hipertexto, o HTML, es uno de los pilares técnicos fundamentales con que está hecha la Web que podemos navegar desde nuestros ordenadores, y por tanto uno de los primeros conocimientos que debería adquirir cualquiera que quiera ser un creador de contenidos en Internet. Hablamos de una competencia digital tan básica, según se mire, como la de enviar mensajes de correo electrónico o gestionar un software de edición de imágenes. Se trata de unos conocimientos que dotan de verdadera autonomía para la creación y modificación de páginas web, […]

Small/DIY books 4 a small/DIY world

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Some weeks ago there was a happy reunion of projects, people and interests around agile publishing and book formats during the 7th edition of the Kosmopolis festival, where the fest of amplified literature gathered writers, publishers and different book related tribes in Barcelona. There for three days, at one of the windy corners of the CCCB courtyard, you could see a blue van parked next to some wood tables stuffed with books, folded papers, a couple of laptops, a printer, a guillotine, a binder and some other suspicious tools for making books. It was the Booki van, Mediterranean edition. That’s […]

Notas sobre entorno digital y aprendizaje urbano

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Andamos con Paco González ultimando los contenidos de un curso en torno a la ciudad en red como recurso educativo abierto (en el link todos los vídeos), dentro del proyecto Urban Social Design, cuya matrícula se cierra el día 26 y que entre nosotros hemos dado en “microdenominar” #urbanedu, pero que en cierto sentido pretende ir más allá partiendo de lo urbano y del aprendizaje. De hecho ambiciona comprender en parte cómo la red influye lo offline y viceversa, para luego adentrarnos junto a los participantes en lo que implica la denominada cultura digital (de aquí poco lo de ‘digital’ ya […]

Walkshop as learning gymkhana

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After talking and planning and imagining with Chris from Cataspanglish, Ingrid from “New Youth City Learning” and Marc from BDigital, we have given shape to an idea that now needs to be refined (even redesigned) during the next great, crazy, necessary Drumbeat Festivalin Barcelona. This festival activity has just grown connecting an original idea and prototype of Adam Greenfield and Nurri Kim from Do projects, which some months ago moved us trough the same streets surrounding the festival venue, discovering on the go different city spots intensive in data gathering and dissemination. We talked then about the informational skins of […]