Walkshop as learning gymkhana

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After talking and planning and imagining with Chris from Cataspanglish, Ingrid from “New Youth City Learning” and Marc from BDigital, we have given shape to an idea that now needs to be refined (even redesigned) during the next great, crazy, necessary Drumbeat Festivalin Barcelona.

This festival activity has just grown connecting an original idea and prototype of Adam Greenfield and Nurri Kim from Do projects, which some months ago moved us trough the same streets surrounding the festival venue, discovering on the go different city spots intensive in data gathering and dissemination. We talked then about the informational skins of the city right from its streets. Now we propose to create a similar walk, but after a goal that is somehow different…

What if we prepare a digital gymkhana, a urban game for learners that can express and publish their ideas, reactions, creativity or even problems related to specific city spots? The tools are already there (open web publishing though mobiles, empty QR codes, online ready-to-be-contextualized maps) as well as the different urban skins full of knowledge (culture, economy, art, politics, history, architecture, legends).


We simply want to gather a small group of people that can help us to improve this plan, making possible to do a fun, agile, meaningful activity right after the festival, then we’ll see what’s next.

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